National Geographic Jointly Hosted Event 2015

How appropriate it was for National Geographic Magazine and Hawk Yachts to jointly host a cocktail party at our lounge in the Yacht Club. Over 100 guests including some famous Monaco residents filled the lounge and adjacent terrace to capacity.

This gave National Geographic the opportunity to explain and gain support for the National Geographic Explorers Club.

Speaker Paul Rose, a renowned explorer and expedition leader, presented a fascinating account of his experiences and was clear to point out the benefits of co-operation between the research and expedition yachting. The cost of travel making up some 70%-80% of the cost of scientific expeditions. In addition to transporting scientists to inaccessible research locations there could be a multitude of facets involved, from the tagging of marine life to the dropping of scientific floats and ultimately scientific laboratory facilities aboard the larger yachts.

Hawk Yachts will be increasingly lobbying for adding scientific facilities to explorer yachts.

Our team leader followed with a presentation of Hawk Yachts, Sea Hawk that again was received with great interest. We hope that we can continue to work alongside institutions of such great consequence.