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Cape Hawk 690
48 m

The tide is turning for the yachting market as it struggles to offer new and current customers better value. Hawk Yachts is at the forefront of this required market shift.
Captain Matthias Bosse –
Master Mariner, Ice Master,
Executive Chairman of Hawk Yachts

A true voyager

Designed from the outset with function and practicality in mind, Cape Hawk is robust and ocean-ready. Its 6,000 mile range sets you free to visit almost any location on earth. While you won’t seek out difficult conditions, nature can be unpredictable, and this is the vessel that will keep you safe at sea.


Passing through the Northwest Passage, arrive in the archipelagos of Alaska to fish for wild salmon amongst the snow-capped, fir-lined mountains.

Advanced engineering

With design and development well underway, the advanced hull concept has been tank tested and the first hull will soon be entering production.

South Africa

Cruise miles of rugged coastline in search of breaching humpbacks, schools of dolphins and dive-bombing gannets.

Open all year round

It’s always summer somewhere. A true voyaging superyacht needs to be just as comfortable in hot weather as it is in the cold.

Get off the beaten track to a shimmering tropical isle or awe-inspiring winter scene anywhere in the world, 52 weeks of the year.


Sail among a thousand islands, wander through streets unchanged for centuries, then head to the market for a bowl of Bun bon am bo.

Changable in nature

As temperatures change so do your choices. Rigorously designed spaces flex to maximise comfort, and get the most from your journeys, no matter what the weather.

The Kimberley

Jump off the rib and on to fine white sand: azure waves behind, red sandstone rocks ahead and no one else for miles.

Look out, then look up

The most dramatic scenery is often above you. Cosy in the Arctic and cool in the tropics, lose yourself in your surroundings in the all-glass observation pod.

High North

Grab a seat and get cosy as Northern Lights dance across the sky and mountains repeat on the waters below.

Roam free

Exploring is about more than range. Robust simple engineering, large stores and systems designed for autonomy set you free in remote locations for up to six weeks.

Pacific Islands

Anchored thousands of miles away from anywhere, snorkelling in clear waters, exploring the reef, barbecuing on the beach – perfect.

The tender area

The large garage allows for tenders and zodiacs up to 8.5 metres in length, which enable longer trips and access to the shore even in adverse conditions. So now you can explore those shallow, narrow areas where the yacht can’t go.


Crunch on to the snow and meet your first Gentoo penguin on this crisp, clear Antarctic summer day – a Christmas to remember.

The toy box

Jet skis, surfboards, sea kayaks, windsurfing gear: there’s plenty of room onboard to have fun at sea.


Cruise through the world’s largest archipelago, explore reefs brimming with life and share a moment with a fever of manta rays.

Take it to the bridge

Take an interest in the voyage, not just the destination. Share the bridge with the captain, learning how the vessel operates, discussing the finer points of navigation, enjoying the views.


Follow the river’s twists and turns, listening out for sounds from the forest, then dive in as freshwater dolphins pass by.

Make an entrance

There’s more than one way to board Cape Hawk.


Visit Charles Darwin’s favourite island and see creatures unknown anywhere else on earth: the marine iguana, giant tortoise and Sally Lightfoot crab.

Don’t hold back

With spaces designed to open out to the heat, doors become balconies and walls slide back to make extra room inside. All the while the yacht is kept light, airy and safe, with the addition of drop-in panels and railings.


Dive off the platform and into the ocean, deeper and deeper, exploring the reef and its vividly coloured fish, spotting a whale shark in the distance.

Details make the design

Cape Hawk is wide for a 48m yacht, with a 9m beam. A volume of 690gt adds up to plenty of space across its five decks, which includes guest accommodation and communal areas inside and out.


Get ready for sunshine and cocktails on the beach.

Stealing the show

Remove the tenders, slide away the glass walk way and transform the main deck into a large entertainment space. Moving from shore, into the observation pod bar and onto your party or product launch.


Bask by day, anchored off in calm waters and party by night in the superyacht haven.

Technical specifications

Overall Length 47.45 m
Lwl at nominal design waterline 46.00 m
Beam overall on hull 9.00 m
Draft 2.80 m
Maximum load displacement 650 tons
Gross Tonnage 688
Power 1790 kW
Range 5,000 Nm
Maximum speed 15.5 knots
Cruising speed 11 knots
Propulsion 2 x Caterpillar C32
Guest Capacity 12
Crew 11
Engineering Laurent Giles