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Hawk Yachts and our partners bring a wealth of experience and insight at every step of the journey from design to expedition planning, unlocking your yacht’s capabilities and creating an exciting and memorable experience for guests.

The specialists

Our team are among only a handful of individuals worldwide that have firsthand experience of both expedition yachting and captaining large luxury yachts.

Alongside our partners Swiss Ocean and Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, we have the expertise to create functional yachts that are not just designed to meet specifications, but that can

fulfill the specific requirements of the crew and the guests when visiting extreme locations.

Our attention to detail throughout the design and build supervision process results in better adapted, more capable and more comfortable yachts.

Captivating itineraries

We push to the very edge of the known world, to places where the only guides available are hand drawn charts and experience. We plan engaging and exciting itineraries so that guests can get the most out of these majestic locations, from exploring cultural landmarks to wildlife safaris.

Smooth sailing

Our team organise permit applications, recruit expedition staff and consider ecological regulations along with all the other preparation necessary for expeditions, allowing guests to truly enjoy and explore these areas without issues or interruptions.

Elephant Island Point Wild Blue
We push to the very
edge of the known world,
where the only guides available are hand drawn charts and personal experience.

Design & Build

Operations & Sales

Business & Finance


Swiss Ocean offers complete management for luxury superyachts, from build and recruitment, all the way through to maintenance, management and voyage planning.
Laurent Giles offer a full range of naval architecture and yacht design services worldwide. Founded in 1927 by the innovative and gifted Jack Laurent Giles.
From humble beginnings the Torlak family built an international shipbuilding and maintenance group that prides itself on being reliable and forward thinking.
From colours and shapes to technical solutions, beiderbeck designs provides a wide range of skills and knowledge based on an extensive experience in the realization of Megayacht projects.
Bowline is an advisory and principal investment boutique. They have a merchant banking ethos.
Southampton Solent’s unique superyacht design master’s programme blends naval architecture and structural design.
A hospitality management school in Switzerland. EHL is consistently regarded as the best hospitality school in the world.
One of the world’s leading service providers in crew management and recruitment, with experts in hotel management, catering and logistics.