Yachts as a viable
investment opportunity.

Reduced costs

Build costs reduced by up to 50%

Build using commercial engineering where we can and superyacht quality where we should.

Use the highest quality commercial shipyards in countries that offer high value.

Northern-European build management teams to ensure quality.

Lower maintenance costs

Yachts outfitted with commercially proven equipment and propulsion can be largely maintained by the crew.

Remote monitoring of systems can identify the health of components resulting in condition based maintenance.

A partnership with Swiss Ocean Management taking advantage of their commercial approach and purchasing power.

Increase competition for yard repairs and fit-outs.

A 52 week season

Worldwide experiences

Yachts designed for long distance travel and blue water competence opens up a 52 week season.

Designed to be comfortable in hot and cold climates, suitable to chase the summer or for cold weather expeditions.

Design details such as separate luxury and expedition entrances, large areas for tenders, and indoor viewing areas allow comfortable access to remote locations.

Increased revenue from charter

Charter season more than 3 times longer than a traditional superyacht.

Capabilities will appeal to experiential holidaymakers as well as traditional charter clients.

Yacht constantly voyaging allowing the owner access to exciting locations.

Crew in constant use leading to a better on board experience.

Support beyond delivery

Designing functional yachts

Expert team brings experience building, financing, managing and captaining large superyachts and expedition cruising.

Yachts designed around maximising function and returns from the offset, rather than offering charter once built.

Supporting owners beyond delivery

Owners supported beyond delivery to help maximise usage and return.

Experts in selling top-end experiential holidays to help realise revenue from charter.

In-house experts to develop itineraries and help owners and charter guests get the most from the yacht’s capabilities.

Full management service through Swiss Ocean Management.

Yachts as an investment

Returning a profit

Fully calculated lifetime costs based on real-world management figures.

Yachts can potentially return a profit with as little as 35% charter occupancy – including fuel costs, time for positioning and yacht depreciation.

Structures and opportunities

Yachts owned through a single purpose limited company with the potential of multiple investors. This approach is advantageous over outdated fractional ownership concepts whilst reducing cost of entry and risk.

Flexible investment packages designed for the owner.