Comfortable across climates

Sail among a thousand islands, wander through streets unchanged for centuries, then head to the market for a bowl of Bun bon am bo.

Open all year round

It’s always summer somewhere. A true voyaging superyacht needs to be just as comfortable in hot weather as it is in the cold.

Get off the beaten track to a shimmering tropical isle or awe-inspiring winter scene anywhere in the world, 52 weeks of the year.

In the cold

Larger boilers keep the vessel warm in very low temperatures.

Heated door seals prevent freezing.

Polar water intakes introduce steam and compressed air to prevent blockages.

Oversized machinery protects against the impact of ice.

In the hot

Large air conditioning units keep the vessel cool in tropical climates.

Substantial engine cooling system is effective even in the 35°C waters of the Amazon.

Cooling systems designed to be easy to clean allowing silt from rivers and estuaries to be cleared.